We are a small family that has enjoyed over 20 years experience in the field of fibrous plasterwork.  


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E.1 d=100mm p=100mm

E.2 d=70mm p=75mm

E.3 d=110mm p=105mm

E.4 d=140 P=80

E.5 d=170mm p=255mm

E.6 d=95mm p=250mm

E.7 d=160mm p=170mm

E.8 d=165mm p=150mm

E.9 d=160mm p=130mm

E.10 d=190mm p=370mm

E.11 d=175mm p=175mm

E.12 d=125mm p=115mm

E.13 d=110mm p=130mm

E.14 d=140mm p=340mm

E.15 d=120mm p=285mm

E.16 d=110mm p=110mm

E.17 d=120mm p=130mm

E.18 d=105mm p=105mm

E.19 d=125mm p=145mm

E.20 d=150mm p=140mm

E.21 d=140mm p=155mm

E.22 d=170 p=185mm

E.23 d=120mm p=205mm

P.1 d=95mm p=95mm

P.2 d=100mm p=115mm

P.3 d=100mm p=90mm

P.4 d=115mm p=95mm

P.5 d=100mm p=105mm

P.6 d=185mm p=140mm

P.7 d=50mm p=50mm

P.8 d=135mm p=135mm

P.9 d=70mm p=65mm

P.10 d=95mm p=225mm

P.11 d=110mm p=110mm

P.12 d=165mm p=165mm

P.13 d=150mm p=170mm

P.14 d=110mm p=140mm

P.15 d=125mm p=115mm

P.16 d=100mm p=100mm